Whores of the Court
ISBN #0060391979

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“A damning indictment of the psychologizing – and undermining – of the American legal system. With righteous wrath and devastating wit, this sweeping critique should stir national debate.” Read entire review
-- Publishers Weekly

"No question psychology professor Margaret Hagen has bitten the hand that feeds her. Not with a nip, mind you, but a full-throttle chomp... Hagen, who has taught psychology at Boston University since the mid-1970s, has published a wide-ranging, no-holds-barred screed against psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors who testify as 'experts' in criminal and civil courts and child custody cases. Read entire review
                                                                                                                  -- Boston Herald

“Ms. Hagen [argues] that except in extremely limited circumstances, the very notion of 'expert psychological opinion' is a farce An experimental psychologist herself, she believes that her profession is qualified only to measure very limited things about the brain -- perception, language, learning, cognition and memory. The rest she dismisses as 'witch doctoring.'”
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-- The Baltimore Sun

“Margaret A. Hagen, who teaches at Boston University, picks many bones with the specialists… Hagen, who holds a doctorate in developmental psychology, contends that the psychological helping professions have sold out for money by giving false or worthless testimony in court.” Read entire review
                                                                                                             -- The Boston Globe